Small Laundry Room Storage Ideas

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Small Laundry Room Storage Ideas – If your laundry room is small, you’ll want to make the best use possible of your space to store laundry supplies, as well as any other items you need to keep in your laundry room. You won’t likely have space for a folding island or a craft nook, and you’ll need to think about how you can design areas of the room to serve double duty.

Small Laundry Room Storage Ideas Small Laundry Room Storage Ideas

One of the best ways to maximize your storage space if your laundry room’s footprint is small is to look up. Incorporate storage into as much wall space as possible. Wall-mounted cabinets and open shelves can provide much of the storage you need. Even just one wall of solid shelving can help you create a system to store and organize. If your laundry room serves multiple purposes, you can designate one wall for laundry items, another to store household cleaners, still another wall to use as a pantry to store canned and dry goods. Install shelves as far up the wall as you can, placing little-used items, such as seasonal decorations, on the highest shelves. Tuck a folding step ladder behind the door or in the space between appliances and bring it out when you need to reach these items.

The area above your washer and dryer is another good option for storage. If you can, choose a front-loading washing machine and make sure both appliances have controls on the front rather than the top, so you can place a countertop over them to provide a space for folding or to store laundry soap and fabric softener. To make this space more attractive, store soaps in pretty glass jars or beverage dispensers.

To hold brushes, sponges and other tools used when hand-washing items in a laundry room sink, install a rack or a towel holder as well as some hooks above the sink.

Choosing a stackable washer and dryer combination will also open up some floor space. Add a folding table by fitting a cover over your utility sink. The new “countertop” can be mounted on the wall with hinges so it can be lifted away easily when you need to use the sink. You can also mount a drying rack on a wall with hinges so it can swing out when you need it, and lock it onto the wall like a casement window when you don’t. Install a retractable clothes line and pull it out when you need it. A laundry basket “dresser,” which you can make yourself, will hold several laundry baskets in a small space, with the baskets easily pulled from the dresser like drawers.

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